About The Maine Cannabis Coalition

The United Cannabis Coalition of Maine is being built by the people of Maine for the people of Maine.

The United Cannabis Coalition of Maine will operate at the direction and vision of its members. Every member will have an equal say and influence. For too long in Maine, our medical program has been misdirected by lobbyists and big money dispensaries. It is time we take our medical program back, along with hemp and adult use.

About the Maine Cannabis Coalition Organization

  • All work is volunteered
  • All materials, supplies, equipment is donated
  • All cash or other donations go %100 towards advocacy campaigns
  • Zero Admin expenses, zero payroll and full transparency of all funds
  • All donations are designated to contributors choice of campaigns
  • All campaigns are created by member majority vote
  • All campaigns are organized and managed by volunteer teams
  • All teams are composed based on who volunteers for each team
  • To be on a team or campaign you must be a member
  • Anyone can become a member (except Wall Street lobbyists and assoc)
  • All votes are done in meetings by members
  • Any member can participate in meetings as well as a motion for a vote

The United Cannabis Coalition of Maine Teams Available

Legal strategy and action team

Political communications team

Social media/ Website team

Legislative strategy and action team

Public Rally/Call to action team

Administrative team

Media and public relations team

Recruit and cultivate activists team

Fundraiser Team

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