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The United Cannabis Coalition of Maine is being built by the people of Maine for the people of Maine.

The United Maine Cannabis Coalition of Maine will operate at the direction and vision of its members. Every member will have an equal say and influence. For too long in Maine, our medical program has been misdirected by lobbyists and big money dispensaries. It is time we take our medical program back, along with hemp and adult use.

Maine’s citizens deserve a voice, The United Cannabis Coalition of Maine wants to help!

It seems money and special interests have more say than the majority of Maine’s citizens today. It seems we the people have been disenfranchised. Because of this “taxation without proper representation” is where we have found ourselves multiple times over the last 10 years

{Click here to see more info about the history of money dictating our cannabis programs}. 

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Here is some information about the bills that were discussed at the public hearing on January 27th, 2020.

The Maine Cannabis Coalition attended and represented the constituents NOT the lobbyists, to ensure our collected voices were heard. They heard our concerns, now to see what they do with them.

LD 999

Allows for medical and adult-use retail sales in the same building. It would require separate cash registers.

LD 1432

Maine residents only for adult-use will no longer be protected after June 2021. Allows for medical marijuana to be transferred to adult-use facilities for retail sales. THE BIG CATCH IS YOU HAVE TO OWN BOTH THE ADULT STORE AND THE MEDICAL STORE…….ANOTHER GIFT TO THE WALLSTREET OWNED DISPENSARIES

LD 144

Allows for 300 ft from a school instead of the 1000 ft currently required for adult-use facilities. (Needs to be amended to allow medical facilities also.)

LD 1545

If an adult-use marijuana sample is provided to a testing facility and it takes more than 5 days for results to be returned, then that marijuana product may be sold if labeled “Untested”.

LD 1621

Allows for delivery of adult-use marijuana with municipality approval.

Maine Cannabis Coalition
What we can do

The United Cannabis Coalition of Maine is determined to present a united front of the Maine people all working together to decide and do what is best for our state-Join Us! Click Here to become a member today!

We believe we are stronger together.

This is the Maine people’s industry and Wall Street owned lobbyists should not have more say than us. Maine medical marijuana caregivers counts are up over 2,500 strong and patients counts are over 35,000.  Our goal is to unite as many Mainers as possible and work together in harmony on the same mission to achieve what is best for Maine not the New York stock exchange.

A Word From Dawson Julia

“We are all watching the current over-regulation of cannabis in disbelief.  We have watched year by year as the out of state-owned dispensaries continue to use our government as a tool to destroy their biggest competitors…..the medical marijuana caregivers of Maine.  At 2,500+ strong we actually have way more public and political power than the dispensaries could ever accomplish with money. When we work together to properly organize and strategize our program and its future will be in our control.  Be part of shutting down the out of state corruption that is positioning to destroy small business opportunities and dismantle our medical program.” -Dawson Julia


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